Best Desktop Computers 2017 – BUYER’S GUIDE!

The new year has just begun and who can use a brand new desktop computer. I know I do. The desktop computer which I’m using right now dated back from 2012. And 5 years is a very long time in Computer & Technology’s world.

This year the big brands like Intel will introduce their newest generation of processors, Kaby Lake, which will bring new motherboards, new features and of course more speed.

AMD, on the other hand, will prove themselves as a big player in the desktop market. After months of speculation and hype, we’ll hope to see what is all the fuss regarding the high-profile Zen-architecture. Can AMD again offer real competition to Intel when it comes to performance, and how will it compete with the price?

Before all that happens, I have looked at a number of systems that is available at the moment: most important is that all components are now available. After researching online and spending hours of reading real users review. I have created a list for a basic game system for around 600 USD and a desktop computer for home-garden-and-kitchen-use for 250 USD. Finally, I have put a few options together for a HomeTheater-PC (HTPC), with an emphasis on streaming 4K content.
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