Best Desktop Computers 2017 – BUYER’S GUIDE!

The new year has just begun and who can use a brand new desktop computer. I know I do. The desktop computer which I’m using right now dated back from 2012. And 5 years is a very long time in Computer & Technology’s world.

This year the big brands like Intel will introduce their newest generation of processors, Kaby Lake, which will bring new motherboards, new features and of course more speed.

AMD, on the other hand, will prove themselves as a big player in the desktop market. After months of speculation and hype, we’ll hope to see what is all the fuss regarding the high-profile Zen-architecture. Can AMD again offer real competition to Intel when it comes to performance, and how will it compete with the price?

Before all that happens, I have looked at a number of systems that is available at the moment: most important is that all components are now available. After researching online and spending hours of reading real users review. I have created a list for a basic game system for around 600 USD and a desktop computer for home-garden-and-kitchen-use for 250 USD. Finally, I have put a few options together for a HomeTheater-PC (HTPC), with an emphasis on streaming 4K content.

Best Desktop Computers 2017

Let’s start with the Basic Game System for less than 600 USD.
Interesting is to see that for around 600 USD you can have a game system which can easily handle every FullHD games available at the moment.

Basic parts


Intel 3.70 GHz Core i3-6100 3M Cache Processor (BX80662I36100)

Hopefully, 2017 will bring more competition, because at the moment we really can not ignore Intel i3-6100. This dual-core processor with hyperthreading runs at 3.7GHz and produces only 51W of heat. You don’t need to make any extra effort to keep this beast cool. Although this processor has only two cores, it performs very well in gaming benchmark.


ASUS Micro ATX DDR4 LGA 1151 Motherboards H110M-K

In a basic game system, it is important to select the least possible unnecessary components.
All parts must have a high price-performance ratio. This is reflected in the choice of the motherboard. For 63 USD, at the time of writing, you’ll get a motherboard with a lot of features: four SATA-600, four USB 3.0 and six USB 2.0, 7.1 audio channels with ALC887 chip from Realtek and obviously DDR4 memory slots. No, this motherboard is not suitable to overclock or to run Crossfire or SLI, but that’s not the point of this computer system.

Graphics card

Gigabyte Radeon Rx 470 G1 Gaming 4GB GDDR5 Graphics Cards GV-RX470G1GAMING-4GD

When you’re lost trying to find the right AMD processor for your system, their video cards just swoop in and save the day.
The Gigabyte Radeon Rx 470 G1 Graphics Cards with 4GB of memory is a good example. This version of Gigabyte features two fans which ensures sufficient cooling without making much noise. The performance of the card is perfect for gaming on FullHD resolution. He can easily compete with the performance of a GTX 970 or R9 390, which were still significantly more expensive than this card. Moreover, there is also a version with 8GB of memory of the RX 470 available. As you’ll see this version performs better in benchmarks. Since you’ll pay 30 to 50 USD (or 20 to 25 percent) more, it’s your choice whether you find this worthwhile.

Computer case

BitFenix Computer Case Cases BFC-NEO-100-WWWKR-RP White/Red

The BitFenix Neos are often seen as the best case around 50 USD. For only 49.99 USD you’ll really get great value for money.
That does not mean that you have to stick to this option because your computer case is a very personal choice. Do you think this version is too tight, then, of course, you can select any other case. Please note two things: the motherboard has to fit into it and the same goes of course for the graphics card.

Memory module

Crucial 8 GB DDR4 2133 UDIMM Unbuffered DIMM 288-Pin Desktop Memory

“You better take two strips of memory” is a common tip you’ll hear a lot. The choice of a single 8GB strip feels a bit contradictory.However, this is deliberately done so. The motherboard only has two memory slots. Would you take two bars, then everything is immediately filled. Now you can still expand without having to replace a memory module. In terms of looks, perhaps does not have the most beautiful name, but in terms of specifications, there is certainly nothing wrong with this strip: 2133MHz, a CAS latency of 15ns at an operating voltage of 1.2V.

Power supply

CORSAIR CXM series CX450M 450W 80 PLUS BRONZE Haswell Ready ATX12V & EPS12V Modular Power Supply

This power supply has good internal components, a solid fan and has a long life expectancy. Ten years wouldn’t be exaggerated. Protection against short-circuit and overload is perfectly fine.

Solid state drives

Crucial MX300 275GB SATA 2.5 Inch Internal Solid State Drive

Under the hood, I have chosen as storage the Crucial MX300 with a capacity of 275GB.
This SSD may be a middle class in synthetic benchmarks, but who nowadays is running all day synthetic benchmarks? Your system will still feel incredibly smooth and fast with this SSD. For this price, it’s a no-brainer! If you want, you can of course always add a hard drive for additional storage. Whether it’s a drive from WD, Seagate and Toshiba, nowadays it really makes no difference anymore.

Product Price
Total price (at the time of writing)$ 593.01
ProcessorIntel 3.70 GHz Core i3-6100 3M Cache Processor$117.01
MotherboardASUS Micro ATX DDR4 LGA 1151 Motherboards H110M-K$ 62.30
Graphic cardGigabyte Radeon Rx 470 G1 Gaming 4GB GDDR5 Graphics Cards GV-RX470G1GAMING-4GD
$ 170.99
Computer caseBitFenix Computer Case Cases BFC-NEO-100-WWWKR-RP White/Red
$ 49.99
Memory moduleCrucial 8 GB DDR4 2133 UDIMM Unbuffered DIMM 288-Pin Desktop Memory
$ 48.12
Power supplyCORSAIR CXM series CX450M 450W 80 PLUS BRONZE Haswell Ready ATX12V & EPS12V Modular Power Supply$ 58.51
Solid state drivesCrucial MX300 275GB SATA 2.5 Inch Internal Solid State Drive$ 86.09

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